img Political Section Staffed largely with officials from the Ministry of Extremal Relations, the Political Section:
• Manages bilateral political contacts;
• Reports on political developments in South Africa;
• Reports on South Africa’s foreign relations and strategic issues;
• Makes representations on issues related to regional and multilateral for a;
• Advances Cameroon’s foreign policy and other interests in South Africa
• Projects a positive accurate and contemporary image of Cameroon and what it can offer South Africa

Minister Counsellor

Mrs Bisangha Lovelyn Ewang
[email protected]
img Economic and Commercial Section The Economic and Commercial section:
• Manages bilateral economic contracts;
• Reports on economic developments in South Africa;
• Promotes trade and investment with South Africa;
• Makes representations on regional and multilateral trade issues;
• Assists Cameroonian companies seeking to export goods or services to South Africa;
• Provides business information to Cameroonian companies on the South African market
img Second Counsellor
Mrs Nlang Billong Irene
[email protected]
img Consular Section The consular section:
• Processes visa applications for people travelling to Cameroon for business or as tourists;
• Issues passports to Cameroonian citizens;
• Provides a range of other administrative and documentation services to Cameroonians including status issues notarization and legalisation of documents
• Provides consular assistance to Cameroonians in distress

Second Counsellor & Coordinator, Consular Services

Colonel Dr Mintya Denis Paul
[email protected]
img Cultural Section The cultural section is staffed with officials from the Ministry responsible for education. The section:
• Consults with South African government and institutions on cooperation in education and training;
• Is responsible for Cameroonian international education quality and regulation;
• Conducts international education research and analysis to provide strategic intelligence and advice on Cameroon’s education market;
• Develops and provides information on regulatory matters and Cameroonian bicultural, bilingual and biaural education policy issues to education agents and media;
• Promotes Cameroonian cultural diplomacy programmes that highlight Cameroon’s creative excellence and showcase Cameroon as innovative and inclusive society.

Cultural Counsellor

Mr Sam Tambe Nwanja
[email protected]
img Financial Section The Financial Section is staffed with officers from the Cameroon Ministry of Finance. The Section:
• Provides support services for the rest of the Mission;
• Oversees the implementation of public finance regulations, respect for financial transparency and probity.

First Secretary (Finance)

Mr Fam Fam Christian Francis
[email protected]
img Military Mission The Military Mission is staffed with Officers from the Cameroon Ministry of Defence.
The section:
• Manages bilateral military contacts and exchanges;
• Promotes regional and global security through transparency and mutual understanding;
• Reports on developments in South Africa’s military and strategic issues;
• Consults with the South African military on defence and security issues;
• Encourages the development of people to people ties and linkages between Cameroon and South Africa.

Chief of Military Mission
Defence Attaché

Colonel Nyemb Jonas Olivier
[email protected]